Apr 2012

Gigtube DSLR Wireless Viewfinder II

Screen shot 2012-04-28 at 8.43.54 AM
Signal Source
Rechargeable Lithium Battery, 1200mAh, NP-60
Battery Life
Transmitter:6 hours
Receiver:6 hours
Transmitter 87×50×41 mm
Receiver 127×79×30 mm
3.5" 230,000 dot, 16M colors definition, 320*240 Resolution
Up to 100 meters

I have the original Gigtube wireless unit and I am currently using it for aerial photography. Yes I mount my camera on the strut of a 172 Cessina and while on livemode I watch from inside the plane with the receiver which also triggers the camera. Now the new version below has a built in camera.

Gigtube Wireless II is a live-view wireless display and remote with infinite photographic possibilities. It inherits the excellent performance of the original Gigtube Wireless, while adding new features, such as video recording, multiple camera shutter control, and multiple shooting modes. What's more, it includes a built-in camera and playback for DSLRs without live-view.